An Uneasy Alliance
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An Uneasy Alliance is the ninth chapter of The Order: 1886.


October 18, 1886 - Underground Expansion, Blackwall

Galahad follows Lakshmi into an underground expansion. She tells Galahad that the pure blood Lycans, or Lycans who were born with the ability to morph forms, are more comman than he thinks. Lift the beam for her, then inspect the Document on the table. Walk into the tunnel and push the cart with Lakshmi. Once it's out of the way, do not follow her to the next tunnel. Instead, turn around and run down the other tunnel. There's a phonograph in a chest at the end of the tunnel. Return to Lakshmi and deal with the guard. Galahad will distract the man while Lakshmi smacks him in the back of the head with a board.  

Before you pull the lever to change the tracks, run to the work bench and inspect the mallet. Go pull the lever and push the cart towards the end of the tracks with Lakshmi. Climb up the car and you'll be able to get to the street. A sniper will shoot Galahad as Lakshmi tries to open a gate. Run up the stairs, enter the next building, and fight your way through the waves of enemies.  

Once the enemies in the street are finally cleared, a man will shoot and try to stab Galahad in the back. Take him down, drink some Blackwater, then get to Lakshmi. Look at a Photograph on a workbench then pull the chain to make a way out. Climb the stairs, then jump to the platform. Lakshmi will get you to the other side. Jump over, and grab the Phonograph from the shelf. Let Lakshmi through, then leave the building. 

Before you slide between the carts, go left and inspect the document on the table. Pass through the carts and one of Lakshmi's comrades will join you. The guards are now on high alert, and Galahad has a chance to watch a meeting between members of the India Company. Lakshmi remarks that it's very important for him to see. 

Once you're in the building head up to the second floor and run into the office to inspect a photograph. After you move to the next building, walk into the office and inspect the model boat. Before you leave, take a right at the bottom of the stairs and use the lockpick tool to break into the room. A phonograph is on the desk in the back of the room.

Lakshmi's comrade will monitor the exit while Galahad and Lakshmi press forward. Once you reach the ship, fight through the enemies. Finally you'll make it to another building. The room you enter will have a good number of weapons and a document on a desk beneath the stairs, and a photo on a desk at the top of the stairs. Lakshmi and Galahad will leave this building and move on to another that finally holds the proof Lakshmi wanted to show him. 

There's an object to inspect on the desk in the back of the warehouse. The crate you're looking for is right by it as well. Zoom into the red insignia and Galahad will be able to inspect the crate. Inside is a vampire. Lakshmi reveals the Lord Hastings is not only Jack the Ripper, but also a vampire. The vampire in the box wakes, but Lakshmi promptly kills it. 

As Lakshmi and Galahad begin to set the crates on fire, guards swarm the warehouse. Kill them before they reach Lakshmi. The warehouse burns and before you can escape, Lycans show up. After you kill them Lakshmi and Galahad will go their separate ways.


  • Follow Lakshmi.
  • Deal with the guard.
  • Find a way to the street.
  • Get to the sniper.
  • Help Lakshmi to safety.
  • Find a way out of the foundry.
  • Get to the dry dock.
  • Take out the guards.
  • Help Lakshmi destroy the crates.
  • Eliminate the Lycans.


An Uneasy Alliance - Hard - Video Guide

An Uneasy Alliance - Hard - Video Guide


There are a total of 13 collectibles in this chapter.

  • Document #11: At the start of the chapter, you will walk straight into this document. Look for it on the table after removing the rubble.
  • Phonograph Cylinder' #8: (The Anarchists 16.10.86) After pushing the cart all the way to the end of the tunnel you must not follow your teammate. Instead, turn around and head the other way into a small tunnel. At the end of this tunnel is a crate that contains a phonograph cylinder.
  • Object #7: After leaving the tunnels, go to the end of the area outside and to the left. Look for a hammer on the table.
  • Photograph #5: Later on in the chapter, you'll have to eliminate a sniper and escape some enemies. Once you reach the Foundry, look for a photo next to the door where your teammate is waiting.
  • Phonograph Cylinder (Cable from the New Continent) From the last collectible you must make your way to the other side of the door to open it for your teammate. You will also find the phonograph cylinder on the opposite side.
  • Newspaper #6: After being ambushed by some enemies you must leave the foundry. When you are outside head to the left side where your teammate is waiting. Before interacting with her, turn around and search in the corner of the area.
  • Photograph #6: After a lengthy cutscene you will find yourself in a building. Go up the stairs, here in an office side room you will find a photograph.
  • Object #8: From where you found the last photograph, enter the next building and walk into the big room in the middle. You'll find a miniature ship on the left.
  • Phonograph Cylinder #10: (Cargo Inspection Log) Go down the stairs from the last collectible, but don't go where you teammates are waiting. Instead, head to the right and you will find a locked room. Pick the lock and inside you will find a phonograph cylinder.
  • Document #12: Later on in the level, you'll dispatch enemies on the deck of a ship and enter a courtyard that will trigger a cutscene. You are now in a storage area with two weapons on the table in front of you and your teammate is waiting in the corner of the room, inspecting some weapons. You must investigate the left corner of the room.
  • Photograph #7: Head up the stairs in that same storage room and you will find the photograph on a table.
  • Document #13: You'll enter large storage area where you are supposed to look for red markings on crates until you find a crate you can reach. This document is on the right side of the room, near its entrance.
  • Object #9: At the end of the that same storage room, look for the object on the table.