Feederle C-81 Mschinenpistole
Power Low
Range Low
Rate of Fire Very High
Reload Speed High
Ammo Capacity 28/150

The C-81 Maschinepistole is a weapon found in The Order: 1886. This sidearm has an extremely high utility at close range, with it's high rate of fire. It's effectiveness slowly diminishes over long ranges. Short controlled bursts from the pistol can help compensate for it's lack of accuracy.


The C-81 Maschinenpistole's rate of fire is its strongest asset, however the handgun struggles without a particularly large magazine or reserve ammo size. Knowing when to utilize this pistol is the key, for heavy reliance could result in a shortage of ammo. Pairing the C-81 with Blacksight can deal devastating amounts of damage to large groups of enemies within acceptable range. The C-81 is based on the Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer (a select-fire variant of the Mauser C96), which itself is anachronistic by over 40 years.