Bergmann M85 Automatisch
Power Low
Range Medium
Rate of Fire Very High
Reload Speed Medium
Ammo Capacity 30/150

The M85 Automatisch is a weapon found in The Order: 1886. This fully automatic submachine gun is used commonly by the Rebels, United India Company, and Royal Army. The firearm is effective in mid-to-close range firefights.


The M82 Automatisch is capable of fully automatic fire, but can be formidable with controlled bursts of fire. The gun's effectiveness drops off significantly at longer ranges. Rushing enemies and engaging them in moderate distance firefights is the key to utilizing the M85. Due to its common usage by enemies, ammo is rather abundant. The M82 Automatisch is based on the Bergmann MP35 with the drum magazine of a Mondragon rifle, which itself is anachronistic by about 50 years.