To Save a Life
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Collectibles 1x Newspaper
1x Document
1x Phonograph Cylinder
1x Photograph

To Save a Life is the fifteenth chapter of The Order: 1886


December 3, 1886 - The Westminster Bridge, City of Westminster

Devi, Lakshmi's right hand, gives Galahad a gun and wishes him luck as he enters the London Underground. In the very first room, pick up the Newspaper on the table before you venture deeper into the tunnels. Keep following the tunnels. In the first room you enter, go left and pick up a Document off a crate. Then jump down into the catacombs and kill any guards that stand in your way.

You'll be fighting in close quarters, and many enemies use shotguns in this section, so the M2 'Falchon' Auto-Rifle's air blast is very helpful in this section.  

After you fight a few waves of guards in the long room, the next area splits into two tunnels and Tesla will warn Galahad that Lucan is on the way.Go left at the split and open a trunk to get a Phonograph.  

Keep fighting your way through waves of enemies. Eventually you'll come across a hallways full of weapons. Stock up, because the next room has particularly close quarters and enemies with a lot of power weapons. Stay mobile, watch your back, and kill the guards. Once you come to a room with breakable boards, go to the left of that room to find a Photograph on a crate. Then go break the boards and climb up boards in the back to exit the catacombs. Short out the door, and enter Tesla's lab.  

Tesla is holding an arc gun and is quite beat up. Galahad helps him to safety then goes to finish off Lucan.


  • Go to Tesla's lab.


To Save a Life - Hard - Video Guide

To Save a Life - Hard - Video Guide


The final 4 collectibles are in this chapter.

  • Newspaper #10: At the beginning of the chapter, in the first room you enter you'll find the newspaper.
  • Document #16: From the newspaper, descend the stairs and enter the room to your left. Behind the door you will find the document.
  • Phonograph Cylinder #16: (The Anarchists 29.11.86) After killing the first group of enemies, look for the path to split left and right. Head left to find a crate at the end of a corridor.
  • Photograph #11: After fighting some major battles, the ceiling will start to shake. After breaking through a barricade to enter a door, look for the photograph here.