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The Thermite Rifle

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The Arc Rifle

Combo Gun

The Combo Gun

Weapons have a crucial role in The Order. Since the beginning of the war, King Arthur and his Knights have used multiple types of weaponry along with Blackwater to prevail against the Half breeds.

They are made or modified by Nikola Tesla and given to the Knights of the Order.

Weapon Types Edit

During the course of history, many weapons were devised and used to fight off the Half Breed infestation, the industrial revolution saw rise to many powerful weapons.

Primary Guns Edit

  • M86/FL Thermite Rifle: A LMG that burns through cover and can fire a magnesium shot that is highly flammable. The magazine can act as an explosive if placed and ignited.
  • TS-21 Arc Induction Lance: An experimental tesla coil that shoots a focused stream of electricity.
  • M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle: A rifle that has two distinct barrels, one for shooting bullets and the second for a powerful, but non-lethal, blast of air.
  • M84 Marksman Carbine: A compact sniper rifle used to take down enemies in medium or long ranges. 
  • Three Crown Coach Gun: A triple barreled shotgun that fires three slugs at the same time.
  • M82 Selfloader Carbine: A semi automatic rifle used by the Knights of the Order, the British army and the rebels.
  • M85 Automatisch: A semi/fully automatic SMG used by Sir Galahad.
  • Crossbow: Classic but useful when discretion is needed.

Side Arms Edit

  • C-81 Maschinepistole: Fully automatic machine pistol used by the Knights of the Order. The word MaschinenPistole in German stands for machine pistol.
  • Duelist Revolver: A twin guns revolver that shoots two bullets at once. Very powerful at short range.